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next Season

Post  dwakeling on Wed May 29, 2013 12:59 am

with the league i feel at it's lowest strength for few years i feel next season's league for the prem will be wide open and am actually looking forward to it

who do you think the top 3 will be and who the bottom 3 for the prem

and who for the top and bottom of div 1

1] Hadleigh
2] Gorlestone
3] Haverhill

bottom 3


top div 1

Saffron Walden
ipswich wanders
braintree town res

[depending on who comes into the league]




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Re: next Season

Post  Backfour on Wed May 29, 2013 5:05 am

Dwakeling, you raise a good discussion point but the way i see things, it is a bit too early to way up the strengths and weaknesses of all clubs at this stage. Until the seasonal ''merry-go round'' comes to a halt, where managers and players change clubs or remain in place, etc., it will be difficult as i said to assess them all. Question

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