FC Clacton Manager Resignation

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FC Clacton Manager Resignation

Post  homer on Sun Dec 29, 2013 3:18 am

News from the FC Clacton site:

Ray Turner has announced his resignation as FC Clacton manager and the club will now be looking for his replacement.

In announcing his decision Turner issued the following statement:

"It is with great sadness that I have resigned as manager of the club and will leave with immediate effect.

It is not a decision that I have taken lightly and although it may come as a shock to some it is one that I have come to over a period of time. Having spoken to my wife yesterday I knew that it was the right decision and advised the owners and players at that stage. I met with the owners and players today to say my goodbyes in person.

In terms of why I have made this decision I feel that I have taken the squad and the club as far as I can at this time and that the moment is right for me to move on. I feel that I leave the club in a stronger position than when I joined and that the current squad is now one with potential to grow further. It is one of my proudest achievements in my time with the club that we have been able to give so many young players a chance, often their first, at this level and to see them benefit and improve from that experience and I hope that whoever my successor is will keep this squad together to give them a chance to continue to progress and improve.

There will always be speculation about what will happen next but I would like to state that there is no other agenda behind my decision and can categorically state that at this present time I have not had any other approaches and do not have any other plans in the pipeline for my future.

I certainly don't leave the club with any bad blood and would like to thank the owners for giving me the opportunity with my first managerial role. I would like to thank all those who do so much around the club, especially Baz who does so many jobs for the club, Glenn, who has been brilliant and also, in the short time he has been with us Phil, for everything that they do behind the scenes. Their work, along with all those who give their time and effort to help the club run, doesn't go unnoticed and I really appreciate everything that all of these people do for the club. I must also thank the players for their hard work and efforts in our time working together. And of course I would like to thank the supporters for all their support both for me personally and for their constant support for the team. I will always fondly remember our amazing FA Cup run and I hope that the supporters will look back on it with equally happy memories.

I want to wish the club and everyone involved with it all the best for the future and will be watching out for the FCC results, and wins in the future.

Thank you.



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