FC Clacton vs Brightlingsea

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FC Clacton vs Brightlingsea

Post  spongebob on Wed Feb 26, 2014 8:13 pm

After umpteen postponed games over the last few months, I was looking forward to a local derby last night. The pitch was perfectly playable, everything was set as I arrived. Both teams were warming up, the pre match cuppa was slipping down a treat, then comes the news!! 7.25pm GAME POSTPONED!!
One of the corner floodlight pylons would (despite flickering on and off) not burst into life, meaning that one corner of the ground was darker than the rest of the pitch. Apparently this was sufficient for the referee to say that the conditions for play were dangerous and he felt he had no option but to call the game off.
Let me say here and now that (in my opinion) there was sufficient light to have played the game. I have seen games played in worse light, and I am sure that if play had started, the referee would not have abandoned the game had the floodlight failed after kick off.
So, FC Clacton had to refund all admission money AND pay the match officials half fee and full expenses......over £100 with no income on the night!!

No blame attached to FC Clacton. There was no way they could have known about the light until last night, but still an expense that they could have done without.

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