Groundhopper day (Part 2)

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Groundhopper day (Part 2)

Post  spongebob on Sun Mar 16, 2014 8:11 pm

I see that the second groundhopper day organised by the Thurlow Nunn League proved to be a great success, mirroring the Essex 'hoppers day earlier in the season.

The three Norfolk based clubs drew the following attendances:

Gorleston vs Brantham 210
Norwich Utd vs Thetford 214
Great Yarmouth Town vs Swaffham 163

I think that the groundhopper days are now here to stay, maybe to include Suffolk based Clubs next year, giving us three groundhopper days a season.

Well done to the Thurlow Nunn League, and to the Clubs concerned for staging odd kick off times, it was worth it in the end!!

PS Can you imagine the attendance if "You know who" had been at home as part of the 'hoppers day!!

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Re: Groundhopper day (Part 2)

Post  Greenmanwalking on Wed Mar 19, 2014 6:27 am

Quote from a happy Hopper;

Eastern Counties League treble

12:00 @ Plantation Road
Premier Division
Adm. £6 Prog. yes, but... Att. 175 (h/c), rumour of 240?

Norwich United 3 Thetford Town 0

Arrived at 11:05 and The Wavendonian snaffled the last available programme of 50. A revisit for me, a tidy ground with plenty seating and covered shallow terracing along one side. Best food of the day.

15:00 @ Emerald Park
Premier Division
Adm. £6 Prog. £1 Att. 210

Gorleston 3 Brantham Athletic 1

Fantastic set up here, already knew this would be a gem and it didn't disappoint. Cover on all four sides, with plenty of seating. A busy teabar and a busy clubhouse. The Wav was one out of the raffle, yet again. Gorleston were the best side on show on today's hop and this was the best game.

18:00 @ Wellesley Stadium
Adm. £6 Prog. no, but... Att. 156?

Great Yarmouth Town 0 Swaffham Town 1

Unfortunately everything that could go wrong for GYT off the pitch did, as the programmes didn't arrive, they ran out of hot food half an hour before kick-off, badges were sold out, not enough change or clean cups at half-time and Swaffham won this with a scrappy scrambled effort. For all that a friendly club and worth missing all the other stuff for that stand.

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