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There was a feeling of real hope and encouragement at the Goldstar Ground following the consultation meeting on Monday evening between the club and local residents. The meeting was to show the club’s intentions regarding the floodlight plans, and the poor condition they are currently in, after 24 years of constant raising & lowering for matches and training.
It was an open evening and was well attended over the course of three hours by many of the immediate local residents, plus councillors, and many showed great interest in seeing the mechanical problems the club have, in person, with the worst affected stanchion light on and visible to view.
With close to 400 boys, girls & coaches involved in the Junior section, the senior side of the club is a vital part of the Football Association Charter Standard Community Club award that the club are rightly proud of achieving, and with the senior section the springboard for everything that happens below them, the floodlights are a vital part of the whole club which allows them to compete at their current level.
Without doubt, the vast majority of those attending were hugely in favour of what the club planned, but there were objectors who felt the pylons were still obtrusive, even though they would be reduced from six to four, under the planned renovation.
The club would like to express their thanks to all those who attended and completed the feedback questionnaire, and further updates will be posted to this website with the ongoing developments.
The club welcome any comments, for or against the proposed plan which can be made in writing to The Secretary, Felixstowe & Walton United FC, The Goldstar Ground, Dellwood Avenue, Felixstowe IP11 9HT
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